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rue du houblon 63 hopstraat, coin du diable, 1000 BRUSSELS (map)

Catalina Quezada Ortega

The climber, the feather and the sun

The dream depicts the story of a climber’s arrival to an ancient town in the mountains. When going through the town, he discovers carvings on the walls. He comes across the sun and the peacock’s feathers that open throughout the streets, the
stairways and towards the mountains. The feathers are the color blue; the town is dyed in blue. The climber finally encounters the dancing man.

My proposal for DRUUM is to reconstruct the atmosphere of a dream based on its remaining elements; a narrative inhabited by symbols, the color blue and the feeling of climbing a mountain.

On this journey I have come across Elicura Chihuailaf’s poetry. Through his words I have seeped into the Mapuche worldview of the role of dreams and the color blue. From this, I have learned that humankind comes from the blue of the orient, that our vital energy circulates from east to west (this proves the importance of sleeping with one’s head facing the east and our feet towards the west), and that the first question that is asked within the family upon awaking is; what did you dream?

The color blue has unfolded a main outline within this project; it rearranges the bedroom and gives it a newfound color. The blue line drawing on the ground displays the course of the sun and positions the guest. The archaic symbols of the peacock and the sun remind us of our universal and collective place.

Based on this dream the artist has used raw materials to create her art - such as river stones, copper and linen - that recall our most ancient corporeality.

Other artists that have worked in the room:

- Lore Stessel

Room characteristics:  Big private bathroom with double shower and bath
Bed type:  FYLDS’ Belgian boxspring bed, hand-made, 180x200
Max persons:  2
Night rate:  110 € for 1 person, 150 € for 2 persons (breakfast and taxes included)
General infos: 

free WiFi Internet, hairdryer, high-quality Belgian linen, pillows and towels, breakfast with belgian ‘gourmandises’, the best Callas confiture and OR coffee, private parking by reservation (20€ per 24 hours)
The room is located on the 2nd floor and facing the courtyard.

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