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David Bade

David Bade (Curaçao 1970)

Apart from his versatile use of different colours and materials as well as his successful combination of abstraction and figuration, another characteristic that comes to the fore in David Bade’s work is social engagement. Life in all its complexity is prominent and is regularly reflected in his 'Catch of the Day'. The artist comments on both life and society with a good dose of everything: humour, criticism and compassion. Being an artist for David Bade is a form of knowledge transfer and an experiment in shared processes. When creating installations and public artworks, he often encourages public participation and social/creative interaction. As a co-founder of Instituto Buena Bista in Curaçao and All You Can Art, the artist ensures these public aspects are even more emphasized at these venues.

In the beginning of 2019, David Bade started to make sculptures for the DRUUM project. He decided to keep some of the former artistic interventions of artist Hidde van Schie, since they were playful too. The coloured lights on the ceiling and the pieces of coloured paper on the windows communicate well with Bade’s sculptural interventions. His work seems to function as ‘a sculptural jungle’, which triggers the viewer’s imagination. Besides, the church bench provides a place for sitting and hopefully reflecting on either the room or personal thoughts.

Since there is a lot happening in this room and enough to experience, the artist’s intention is even to create something new together. The imaginative sculptures might influence the night, provoking dreams which the visitors are asked to write (or draw) down on the ‘dream-catcher’ installation next to the bed. These personal notes will be send back to the artist who will transform this inspiration back into a drawing with his girlfriend Eva Rietbergen. This growing series of drawings will be shown in the room, and the visitors get a copy by email. Dreams at night can be interpreted as evidence for the complexity of our minds and enormous power to imagine. Therefore David Bade considers it as food for artistic practice. Using the exchange of imagination to play an important role in this process suits his approach and personal style.

Other artists that have worked in the room:

- Hidde van Schie

Room characteristics:  private bathroom with shower, private terrace
Bed type:  FYLDS’ Belgian boxspring bed, hand-made, 180x200
Max persons:  2
Night rate:  110 € for 1 person, 150 € for 2 persons (breakfast and taxes included)
General infos: 

free WiFi Internet, hairdryer, high-quality Belgian linen, pillows and towels, breakfast with belgian ‘gourmandises’, the best Callas confiture and OR coffee, private parking by reservation (20€ per 24 hours)
The room is located on the 2nd floor and facing the courtyard.

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