contemporary bed & breakfast

rue du houblon 63 hopstraat, coin du diable, 1000 BRUSSELS (map)

Belgian Craftmanship

DRUUM isn't solely focused on creative authenticity; we strive to offer our guests the finest in Belgian craftsmanship for bathroom fixtures, beds, and furniture. Additionally, we prioritize high-quality, eco-friendly cleaning products and food options to enhance our guests' experience.

The company Detremmerie, a factory where the entire production process takes place in Belgium, produced all the quality washbasins of each room.

Glocom (division of Veldeman group) provided the unique FYLDS’ Belgian Beds. These are hand-made boxspring beds for optimal sleeping comfort.

Denis Romainville, our neighbor, did the steel structure of the breakfast table and the DRUUM signs at the entrance.

OR coffee and Callas confiture provides delicious morning coffee and jams to our delighted guests during our beloved breakfast.

BIOTOP keeps our rooms shiny and clean and leaves our guests feeling fresh from their selection of environment friendly shampoos, body wash, hand soaps and cleaning products.